Review: Risen Legacy Dip Powder

It’s been less than two months since the launch of the You Can Do Nails dip powder blog. So when I was approached for PR, I was completely shocked and humbled to say the least. Who me? I’ve only dipped for about a year and JUST started the You Can Do Nail brand at the beginning of the year!

So how did all this come about? Earlier this month, I published a blog post “40 Valentine’s Day Dip Powder Nail Designs”. I featured all these amazing V-Day manicures (done by DIY dippers) including one using Risen Legacy products!

The owner of Risen Legacy, Natalie Mihlhauser, reached out when she saw the post and wanted me to try her products! Beyond the excitement of PR, I was more excited to try her products because they had been on my list of companies to buy from for a good while. So in this post I go over Risen Legacy and a full product review!

Who Is Risen Legacy?

Risen Legacy was founded by long time nail enthusiast Natalie Mihlhauser. Together with her husband Paul, their family-run company offers professional grade, high quality DIY dipping kits and nail accessories. They also pride themselves on offering hand-poured, custom colors and cruelty-free products! Cruelty free is always a bonus in my book!

How did Natalie, the owner, come up with the name? Well, as a lover of beauty products, she always dreamed of owning her own nail supply company. That’s where the “Legacy” part of the name comes in. She hopes this company can continue on forever and be her legacy. And the “Risen” part of the name comes from their devotion to Jesus Christ.

Risen Legacy continued to grow, even in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been huge demand for DIY nail products due to nail salons temporarily suspending operations. You can usually catch the adorable Natalie on the Risen Legacy Facebook page doing live videos and product demos!

Product Review

Natalie sent me a full dip kit complete with a full set of dip liquids, powders, and nail file! I was so excited because I had heard great things about their products, especially their dip liquids. Shipping was super fast too!

When I opened the box, this delicious scent greeted me. Was I imagining the incredible smell coming from the packaging? Nope! They must have sprayed the tissue paper with fragrance! Impressive the scent was still there with all the recent delays with USPS.

They packaged everything so well. I bet they rarely have issues with damaged products and shipping. Her dips also come sealed! There’s just something about a completely sealed beauty product that makes you feel at ease knowing the product hasn’t been tampered with. Don’t let the seal make you think these are mass-produced at some factory across the world though. They are hand pouring these y’all!

I’ll go over each product in detail below. The glass bottles and packaging overall was beautiful. You can instantly tell by the packaging that the products are going to be truly professional grade. Clear bottles are so hard to photograph so my pictures don’t do her bottles justice.

Primer & BondAid (Step 1)

I actually didn’t get to try this out yet because I was working from natural nails that had been dipped in clear (to build an apex) and then covered in peel base.

When I do first impressions, I don’t open the boxes ahead of time. It is truly a surprise when I open the boxes. But I’m sure this works very well based on the performance of the rest of their products! More on that below!

Risen Legacy Primer & BondAid

Base Coat (Step 2)

One of the first things you’ll notice is that most of the dip liquids come in clear bottles. I personally love clear bottles because you can see exactly how much product is left in the bottle. It’s helpful when you get close to the end of the bottle. You won’t be guessing if the product level is low enough to warrant throwing it away.

Now on to the more important stuff…the application! Let’s face it. The base can make or break your dip powder manicure. Well this base is slow-drying, which is perfect for me. I like having that extra bit of dry time so that I can do nail art and clean up cuticles.

The base also applied evenly since it was self-leveling. The brush was nice too. The base was just great to work with and helped me get some really smooth layers of dip.

Risen Legacy Base Coat

UPDATE: Risen Legacy dip liquids now come in super cute pink bottles!

Activator (Step 3)

The activator performed just as well as the base liquid! I had no issues getting my layers of dip to cure. Note my photo was taken after using a bright yellow dip that I obviously left specks of on my nail and discolored the activator. This liquid is crystal clear brand new.

Risen Legacy Activator

Air Dry Top Coat (Step 4)

Ah, the dip top coat. Dip top coat is one thing that used to drive me absolutely nuts when I started dipping. If you’ve used dip top coats, then you know all about how it can get contaminated if it comes in contact with activator. Contamination means your brush will get stiff and you’ll probably mess up your top coat.

Well the Risen Legacy Air Dry Top Coat has got to be the EASIEST dip top coat to work with! You have to try hard to contaminate it. I couldn’t believe how easily it went on.

I realized after reading their instructions that I hadn’t followed their recommendations for dry time, but it still came out perfect! Their top coat is also very shiny, which is another complaint I hear a lot about dip top coat. I could have saved myself a lot of frustration if I had started with a dip top coat like theirs!

Risen Legacy Air Dry Top Coat

Brush Extender

As part of the full dip liquid set, I also got their Brush Extender. The instructions say to put your base brush in there if you see that there is colored dip powder on your brush. I wiped off my base brush on a clean sheet of paper towel before putting it back in the bottle, so my base brush appeared to stay clean. I’ll have to report back once I get a chance to use it!

Risen Legacy Brush Extender

Cuticle Oil

Their cuticle oil has jojoba oil as well as vitamins E & B. If you prefer applying cuticle oil using a brush, then you’ll like theirs because it comes in a bottle with a brush.

The scent is quite pleasant! It’s a clean, fresh, springy scent. The cuticle oil isn’t greasy and absorbs pretty quickly. And, with the bottle being 0.5ml, it’s small enough to throw in your purse or keep on your desk.

Risen Legacy Cuticle Oil

Pink Diamond 2n1 Acrylic Dipping Powder

Natalie sent a few of their 2n1 powders including Pink Diamond! We both love pink, so I was definitely happy! Pink Diamond is beautiful soft, pastel pink. It’s one of those neutral pinks that goes with a lot of other colors.

But I have to talk about the consistency of the powder itself. It was FLUFFY! I hadn’t use powders before that were this fluffy and buttery. I think the fluffiness allowed for the powder to adhere better to the base.

This pink went on absolutely perfectly with two coats of color. I usually aim for two coats of color because I build an apex with clear, and I don’t want my nails to get too bulky.

Risen Legacy Pink Diamond 2n1 Acrylic Powder

Sour Apple 2n1 Acrylic Dipping Powder

I got their Sour Apple 2n1 Acrylic Dipping Powder as well. Sour Apple is a fun bright green, and it is also part of their St. Patrick’s Day 2021 collection. You can buy it individually or as a set.

This green is perfect for spring and looks good enough to eat! It has a goldish shimmer which is gorgeous, especially in the sun light.

Green Apple was super fluffy like Pink Diamond, and it applied just as well! I got perfect coverage with just two coats. Plus, it looked perfect with the pink.

Risen Legacy Sour Apple 2n1 Acrylic Powder

Just My Luck 2n1 Acrylic Dipping Powder

Natalie sent another powder from their St. Patty’s Day collection called Just My Luck. It’s a chunky glitter, which excited me because I LOVE glitter dips!

This is a chunky glitter with green, gold, and white pieces. It looks great by itself and as a topper over other colors as well! It’s super cute and festive for St. Patrick’s Day!

Risen Legacy Just My Luck 2n1 Acrylic Powder

Pure Diamond (Clear) 2n1 Acrylic Dipping Powder

Natalie also sent their clear, called Pure Diamond! What dipper isn’t excited to put a new (to me) clear dip up to the test?! I feel like clear can tell you a lot about the quality of a company’s dips.

I was also curious if the clear would be as fluffy in consistency as Sour Apple and Pink Diamond. It sure was! It made for a very consistent application.

More importantly, the clear was crystal clear. I made sure to use a stiff nail brush to get off any excess specs of powder than could make it look grainy. The Risen Legacy clear dip has quickly become one of my favorites!

Risen Legacy Pure Diamond 2n1 Acrylic Powder

Lucky You | St. Patrick’s Day Collection 2021

Here are some manicures using dips from the Risen Legacy Lucky You collection! Get the dips individually or as a trio!

Risen Legacy Lucky You Collection 2021

Final Thoughts

Risen Legacy nail products are absolutely top notch! Their innovative 2n1 acrylic dipping formula goes on flawlessly! The colors are beautiful, and you’ll love their fluffy consistency.

Their dip liquids were just as good as the dips! The self-leveling base went on so smooth to ensure great coverage. The dip top coat was so incredibly easy to use that you forget you’re using a dip top coat.

So, if you haven’t tried Risen Legacy’s products yet then please do yourself a favor and give them a try!

Video Review

Check out part 1 and 2 of my Risen Legacy product reviews on my YouTube channel!

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