DIY Mermaid Nail Designs | Dip Powder | 2021

We’re back with another edition of DIY dip nail art, and this time the theme is mermaid and ocean nails! Again, I’m absolutely blown away by the incredible talent! The colors and embellishments are mer-tastical!

Cover Photo Nail Artist: Arya Fara

1. Mermaid Challenge

Mani challenges are super popular in the DIY nail world! This look is inspired by a challenge hosted by Secret Sisters.

2. Starfish & Mermaid Decals

How cute are these decals from Decals by Melissa paired with the gems!?

3. Glitter Fade Trend

It’s hard to believe this is Arya’s first time trying the glitter fade trend!

4. Birthstone Inspired Colors

Emerald inspired dips by Barbie’s Secret Dips look so good with that hand-painted (yes, hand painted!) anchor!

5. Dreamy Matte

This combo is everything! I can totally get why Jade had to recreate it!

6. Teal Toned Flaky Dips

Those ocean colored flaky dips are just perfect for an ocean inspired look!

7. 3D Stamping

Summer 2021 has brought us all the cool nail art supplies, including these 3D stamps from Triple D!

8. Bright Green & Shard Glitter

Mermaid duos like this one make it super simple to create a tropical, mermaid look!

9. Blue & Purple

Of course, it wouldn’t be a mermaid mani list without some super cute blue and purple designs!

10. Subscription Bag Dips

Get yourself a subscription bag, and you won’t have to worry about missing out on must-have dips for the season, like this unique glitter from Soleil Fox Dip Powder!

11. Thermal Dips

This thermal dip from Triple D makes it look like you’re staring right at the ocean!

12. Blue & Pink Glow Dips

Blue and pink always look good together, and these glow too! You’ll have a bit of light for your night swims!

13. Moonstone Inspired Dips

These moonstone inspired dips by Pampered Pretties also look like tropical Caribbean water!

14. Glitter As Bubbles

The glitter placement here looks exactly like bubbles! Very clever Kayla!

15. Coral & Teal

Another hot color combo for mermaid nails is bright red coral and teal! And the gold adds a luxe touch!

16. Dreamy Marble

The colors in the marble design are just gorgeous and pull the whole look together!

17. Simple Ombre

These colors from Sparkle & Co. Luxe Nails make for the perfect mermaid inspired ombre!

18. Mermaid Tail Made Of Glitter

Peep that second pic with the incredible mermaid tail made out of glitter! I wonder how long that glitter placement took!

19. Pink Color Scheme

Of course, I love any chance to incorporate pink into the picture! These are too cute!

21. Nail Art Hodge Podge

All the textures here are simply mesmerizing!

22. Mermaid Scale Stickers

These gorgeous mermaid scale stickers look amazing in this April sub bag by Decal’s By Melissa.

23. Earthy Undertones

I love the beige tones here, and the foils really glam things up!

24. Pastel Mermaid

This balanced mermaid design is just captivating!

25. Textured Embellishments

The gold and the pearl embellishments will make you feel like the the most glam mermaid in the ocean!

27. The Little Mermaid Decals

What would mermaid inspired nail art be without Ariel?! You already know Poshy Nail Designs has your back with these Disney decals!

28. Purple & Teal

The purple, teal, and coordinating glitter are just perfect for this design!

29. Deep Blue Sea

Change things up with a dark blue sea color palette!

30. Multi Nail Scene

The colors and design that stretch across all the nails are just so dramatic! I love this unique beachscape!

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