How I Use Peel Base With Builder Gel Extensions & Dip Powder

There are three things I can’t ever live without which are builder gel extensions, dip powder, and peel base! I do the builder gel extensions for length/structure, dip powder for color/nail art, and peel base to easily remove the dip powder without damage. This process allows me to maintain long builder gel extensions that are redone every few weeks and dip powder I can easily change out every week. No acetone required!

What Is Peel Base, Builder Gel, & Dip Powder?

I wanted to share the basic steps that I follow. But before I get into the steps, here’s a breakdown of the basics.

Peel Base: Peel base is a liquid that you apply under your enhancements that allows you to “pop off” the enhancement. It’s extremely popular among nail artists who like changing out colors frequently. It’s an alternative to soaking in acetone or filing off the enhancement.

Builder Gel: Builder gel is a gel enhancement used to create length and build shape. It can also be used as an overlay. It must be cured in curing lamp.

Dip Powder: Dip Powder is a nail enhancement that uses finely milled acrylic dip powder and a resin system for long wearing color and nail art.

Basic Steps for Builder Gel, Peel Base, & Dip Powder Application

Builder Gel

  1. Prep the natural nail for the builder gel enhancement.
  2. Apply Young Nails Protein Bond.
  3. Apply sticker forms.
  4. Apply a thin layer of Base Gel to the natural nail and cure.
  5. Build the free edge using the builder gel. Cure.
  6. Carefully remove the forms.
  7. Build the remaining length and structure. Cure.
  8. File to shape.
  9. Apply Young Nails Protein Bond.
  10. Apply Gel Topcoat. Cure.

Peel Base

  1. Apply either a dot, strip, or full layer of peel base. Repeat if necessary.
  2. Make sure the peel base dries completely. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the dry time.

View my peel base application here:

Dip Powder

  1. Apply Dip Base to 3/4 of the nail and either dip or pour over the dip powder.
  2. Brush off any excess powder after it has dried completely.
  3. Repeat until satisfied with color opacity.
  4. Apply a generous amount of Activator.
  5. File & buff.
  6. Apply Activator & Dip Topcoat. Or apply Protein Bond, Gel Base, & Gel Topcoat.

Dip Powder Removal

Now, when you’re ready to switch out your dip powder color, file the edges to break the seal, and use the pointed end of a cuticle pusher to wedge it underneath and carefully pop off the dip powder. Do not attempt to pop off the color if you feel any “pulling”. You may need to apply additional cuticle oil or file the sides more.

Where To Purchase

If you’re ready to try peel base, check out Sundara’s Peel Off Base Coat available in our sister store You Can Do Nails Boutique!