30 St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs | Dip Powder: 2021

Think green nails aren’t your thing? Well you might just change your change your mind after seeing these amazing St. Patrick’s Day nails done with dip powder! I’ve also included some non-traditional manis as well!

There may be other nail art involved like stamps or decals, but dip powder is incorporated in all looks. Also, most of these manicures are done by non-professional DIY’ers!

Yeah, it’s hard to believe most of these nails are done by amateur nail artists. Their inspiration and creativity continue to blow me away! They make is so hard for me to choose which dip powder designs to include.

1. Dreamy Dark Greens

Wear this mani, and you’ll be pinch proof! The green and blue chunky glitter is absolutely stunning!

2. White With Shamrocks & Gold Accents

The white nails and the gold foil will have you feeling glam AND festive!

3. Pink Plaid

This could be the perfect St. Patty’s day nail design if you love pink but still want to be festive! It’s also a fun look for spring!

4. Cheetah Print & Glitter

Beautiful green glitter and cheetah print come together for a fierce and festive St. Patty’s Day manicure!

5. Chunky Glitter & Sour Apple Green

This sour apple green is perfect for spring and St. Patty’s Day! You’ll be lucky with the gold, green, and white chunky glitter!

6. Gold Flakes & Shamrocks

You’ll feel like you’ve struck gold with this green mani!

7. Neon Green Thermal

With this mani, you’ll be ready for St. Patty’s Day AND summer!

8. Glow In The Dark Green

These St. Patty’s Day nails serve the purpose of being both festive and practical! They are glow in the dark which will come in handy if you need a little extra help seeing on your way home from the pub.

9. Gold Glitter & Striping Tape

The shamrock made of glitter gold and the striping tape look simply adorable together!

10. Glitter V-Tips & Ombre

Looking for something festive for St. Patty’s Day, but don’t want to go overkill on the green? Then this mani could be for you with the fun green and glitter French tips!

11. Green Chunky Glitter Ombre

Chunky glitter vertical ombre always look good. Just make it green, and you’ll be ready for St. Patty’s Day!

12. Gold Glitter & Decals

Looking for a St. Patty’s mani that’ll that make you feel like you found a pot of gold? Then this gold glittery mani could be the one for you!

13. Black & Green Shorties

Go a little edgier with your St. Patty’s Day mani by adding a beautiful black flaky dip!

14. Lime Green Color Blocking

This mani screams spring and is festive for St. Patty’s Day as well! The color blocking of lime green is eye catching and cute!

15. Green Flaky Dip & Gold Foil Accent

The gold foil accent pops so nicely against the green flaky dip.

16. Pink, Green, & Gold

This mani is girly, glam, and festive!

17. Rainbow Color Blocking

Feeling crafty? Just grab your craft glitter and color block a rainbow!

18. Multi-Nail Glitter Rainbow

Follow this rainbow, and you’ll find a pot of glittery goodness!

19. Glitters & Decals

This mani is super fun and eye catching with the rainbow popping against the white!

20. Decals & Unique Glitter Shapes

Pair a glitter dip with irregular shaped glitter pieces and girly St. Patty’s Day decals, and you’ll be feeling St. Patty’s Day glam!

21. Pink & Forest Green

When pink and green look this good together, you can’t help but combine them for a dainty St. Patty’s day nail design!

22. Silvery Chunky Glitter

Go a little non-traditional by swapping the gold for silver. Also, the tealish minty color is the perfect nod to green!

23. Yellow & Chunky Glitter

If you’re trying to incorporate other spring colors into your St. Patty’s day mani, then yellow could be a good one! It ties in so well with the gold in the chunky green glitter.

Bonus points for incorporating two of this year’s trends - side glitter and the color yellow!

24. Irish Flag Color Blocking

If you want to show some true Irish heritage, why not color block using green, white & orange? Throw in some glitter and foils to glam it up!

25. Decal & Foil Dip

Incorporate different textures by using dip with large foil pieces and a plaid decal!

26. Chunky Glitter & Foil Dip

Want to feel super St. Patty’s Day glitzy? Pair green and gold foil dip with shamrock chunky glitter dip!

27. Acrylic Paint Marble Design

If you’re looking for a St. Patty’s Day mani that is a little non-traditional but regal, this could the one for you! The stunning marble design, done with acrylic paint pens, and looks stunning along the gold foil accent pieces.

28. Festive Flag Colors

Get Irish flag festive with orange and green, and throw in some foils for luck!

29. Green Glitter Ombre

Your nails will be sparkly and St. Patty’s Day ready with this full chunky glitter ombre!

30. Chunky Gold Glitter

Is it gold or glitter? This gold glitter is so chunky, you might just be fooled!

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Note that most of the submissions responded to a post I made asking folks to share their St. Patrick’s day nails in the “Do You Even Dip? Dip Powder Tips” Facebook group!