Top Reasons Why I Love Kiara Sky for Dip Powder Nails

There are so many amazing brands out there that sell dip powder and other nail products! So you might be wondering which ones are the best. One of my absolute favorites is Kiara Sky Professional Nails! Yeah, you could say I fell in love with the brand! Here’s why I love Kiara Sky!

1. No Cosmetology License Needed to Purchase Kiara Sky Products

Don’t let the “Professional” in the Kiara Sky name deter you from trying to buy their products. They are definitely sold to non-pros! Obviously this is important for someone who isn’t a licensed cosmetologist (like me). Your DIY nail enthusiast needs to buy from companies who sell to the public. I just love being able to buy professional grade nail products for use at home!

2. Kiara Sky “Beyond Pro” Line of Professional Nail Tools & Electronics

Kiara Sky is one of the few dip powder companies that sells nail tools and electronics like LED lamps and portable nail drills. Of course, you don’t “need” an LED lamp or nail drill for dip powder nails. But they are definitely nice to have! The craftsmanship and quality is top notch! You can even get them in matching colors: white, baby blue, or pink! Which brings me to…

If you want to see the Kiara Sky electric nail file in action, check out my YouTube Video “Removing Dip Powder with an e-file”!

3. The Kiara Sky Brand Is Adorable

Their brand is all about the color pink! My favorite color is pink (could you tell?) Everything from their brand is just so cute! Their logo, website, packaging, and everything else from them is beautiful!

4. Quality Products

You can expect everything from Kiara Sky to be top-notch quality! Their dip powders and dip liquids are what really made me fall in love with their products.

The dip powders are extremely easy to work with. The solid colors are super buttery and go on smoothly. Their Pure White dip powder goes on really nicely, which is especially helpful when doing French manicure. Their clear dip powder (used to encapsulate glitter and colors) is very clear - not cloudy like some other brands.

The dip liquids are also great to work with. I love the consistency of the dip base coat and dip top coat! You can tell these are professional-grade products when holding the bottles. The bottles are thick and heavily weighted, which I think would come in handy if you were to ever drop them (gasp!).

5. Phenomenal Website

Kiara Sky has one of the best websites I’ve seen for dip powders. They make the online shopping experience very enjoyable. For example, the layout makes it very easy to find the dip powders, dip liquids, etc. Everything on the site loads quickly. It’s also easy to order on your mobile device.

Here’s a link to the Kiara Sky website here.

6. Unique Products

While I mainly use Kiara Sky’s dip powder products, they have some other unique products.

They came out with a new system for extensions - Gelly Tips. The Gelly Tips are full-coverage, pre-shaped tips. You adhere them using the included builder gel and Beyond Pro Flash Cure Mini Lamp. They are supposed to save time since you don’t have to trim or shape them. And the mini lamp is ingenious because it allows you to press down while your nail is curing.

And more recently they came out with their new All-In-One dip powder. The All-In-One Powder can be used as dip, acrylic, 3D art, etc. I can see this new product line becoming popular with licensed cosmetologists in a salon setting. Either way, if you like big jars like me the price point is great.

7. Free Shipping

Call me cheap, but I love dip powder companies who offer free shipping with orders over a certain dollar amount! Kiara Sky usually has free shipping for orders over $99! Free shipping doesn’t make you feel so bad after you’ve spent way too much money on nail stuff!

8. Cruelty Free

As an animal lover myself, I love that Kiara Sky is a cruelty free company!

You can order Kiara Sky products, visit:

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