Top Reasons Why I Love Sparkle & Co. for Dip Powder Nails

The obsession with Sparkle & Co. dip powder is real! What is Sparkle & Co? Sparkle & Co. is a dip powder company that specializes in uniquely beautiful dips with all sorts of glitters, flakes, & foils. Here are my top reasons why I just can’t get enough of Sparkle & Co.!

1. Sparkle & Co.’s Gorgeous Dip Powders with Chunky Glitters, Flakes, & Foils

Sparkle & Co.’s huge selection of stunning dip powders with unique glitters, flakes, and foils is just incredible! With a name like Sparkle & Co. it’s no surprise that they offer so many sparkly options.

Some of their most popular dips have what I’d call a cult following. Of course, they carry plenty of solid and shimmer dip powders as well, but they are really known for their unique ones.

2. Customer Service

Sparkle & Co.’s customer service is top notch! They really know how to make their customers feel special. Their amazing customer service does not go unnoticed, especially in today’s times when companies are scaling back their service.

For example, I received hand-written thank you notes with every order I’ve ever placed! The thank you notes had my name on them as well. This company sure knows how to spoil its customers with their adorable hand-cut pink thank you notes.

And, the only time I ever had issue with an order, they quickly corrected it.

3. Freebies with Orders

Sparkle & Co. has amazing freebies they seem to give year round when you order through their website! They are very generous with their freebies and run great promotions as well.

During Black Friday 2020 sales, they gave out several cool freebies. Orders over $35 got a free small jar of holiday-themed dip powder! There were four different colors of holiday dip powder freebies, so people like me placed several orders to get multiple freebies.

Sparkle & Co. Santa’s Coal Fierce (glitter) & Delicate dip powders

Orders over $75 got free Sparkle & Co. branded nail duster brushes. I got this really cute set that I love using especially when e-filing my nails.

4. Free Shipping on Orders Over $25

They seem to always have free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. Right now, they offer free shipping on orders over $25! You know I love free shipping because that means I can spend more on dip powder!

5. Sparkle & Co. Dip Liquids Including Glossy 2.0

In addition to their dip powders, they have great dip liquids. I love their heavy glass bottles. Also, the glass bottles are clear so you can see exactly how much liquid you have left. It’s useful when you get towards the end of the bottle. You won’t have to fuss with trying to get product out of the bottle when you barely have any liquid left.

The performance of the dip liquids are excellent too. For the dip base liquid, it goes on nice and thin. The rounder shape of the brush makes it easy to get better cuticle lines. Their liquids dry fast.

Of course, I can’t talk about Sparkle & Co. dip liquids without mentioning their newest dip liquid - their Glossy 2.0 topcoat. They realized there was a need for a shinier topcoat for dip powder.

Dip powder topcoats can be fairly shiny. However, most people agree that a gel topcoat gives the most shine. Why not just do a gel topcoat on a dip powder manicure instead of dip topcoat? Well, not everyone wants to purchase the gel topcoat and curing lamp required for gel.

When Sparkle & Co. came out with Glossy 2.0 topcoat for dip powder, fans absolutely loved it! It bridges the gap between dip topcoats and gel topcoats. Users get a shinier topcoat without having to use gel. The Glossy 2.0 topcoat doesn’t replace their regular dip topcoat. They still carry both options.

6. Sparkle & Co. Dip Powder Jars

They offer two sizes of dip powder jars, which I love. They offer 0.25oz and 1oz jars. I personally like the larger 1oz jars because I like having room to dip or lay my finger in the jar. A lot of people like buying the smaller jars because they can buy more colors for about the same price. Either way, they have you covered!

Another thing I love about their jars is that they have the color name/number on the top of the jar. If you store your dips in drawers like me, the labeling on the top of the jar makes it easy to tell what’s in the jar.

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