Top Reasons Why I Love Dip Powder Nails

There are so many options out there for nail enhancements. I know it can be overwhelming for your novice nail artist. There’s gel, silk wraps, poly gel, acrylic, dip powder, and SO much more. Not to mention, some nail enhancements can be mixed and matched with each other. Of course, there are pros and cons to each option.

So how did dip powder become my favorite type of nail enhancement? Well, I’ve always loved the durability and look of acrylic. For years, I went to the nail salon for acrylic nails. I kept it super simple and consistent with the pink and white or solar nails (French manicure).

Fast forward a few years, and I’m buying my first home. As much as I loved visits to the nail salon, I had to cut spending. So I cut nail salon visits from the budget. I tried to be content without my beautiful nails, and that was that.

Then I found out about the DIY dip powder nail craze. I obviously love it so much that I created a blog about it LOL! These are my top reasons:

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1. Dip Powder Nails are DIY-Friendly

When I say if I can do it you can do it - I mean it! I have no professional training, and I’m not a natural born nail artist. In my opinion, if you can paint your nails even half way decent, then you can probably do dip powder nails. I feel like dip powder is easier for beginners than other nail enhancements (not including gel but I’ll get to that later).

I won’t downplay the amount of practice it takes to get good at it. So don’t automatically expect professional results. For beginners though, I think it’s easier than some other nail enhancements like acrylic. You can similar results to regular acrylic nails without having to sculpt.

2. Dip Powder is Super Durable

I love the strength of dip powder! With proper application, a dip powder manicure could last three or more weeks! That doesn’t mean you won’t want to change your dip powder manicure out way more frequently though. With durability as good as acrylic, dip powder sure beats gel and definitely beats nail polish.

When I do my nails I want to make sure that they last as long as I want them to! Nothing drives me more crazy than chipping a nail a day or two after doing them. First world problems, I know.

3. Dip Nails Allow You To Grow Longer Natural Nails

I have never been able to grow my natural nails out to any considerable length. They always break once they grow even the slightest bit. So that means I can’t have any fun nail shapes like coffin or stiletto on my natural nails. I’ve always had to get extensions at the nail salon if I wanted any additional length. The nail techs I used to go to usually added length to my nails using tips.

Then I tried dip powder. Now, my nails are longer than they have ever been! The dip powder itself didn’t make my nails grow faster or anything. It just allowed my nails to grow without breaking due to its durability. For someone who always had stubby nails, it’s very satisfying to finally have my natural nails at a short/medium length!

4. Amazing Community of DIY Dip Powder Divas

The community of DIY dip powder enthusiasts is nothing short of incredible! I have never experienced such an encouraging and helpful group of folks. Complete strangers on the internet have come together in Facebook groups like they were sisters. Seriously, it’s amazing.

Not only is the DIY dip powder community super supportive, but it’s full of some incredible talent! These DIY nail enthusiasts never cease to amaze me with their skill and creativity. You wouldn’t know they weren’t professional nail techs by looking at their mani photos.

Speaking of the dip powder nail community, I invite you to join the You Can Do Nails Facebook Group! That’s where I will host exclusive dip nail giveaways!

5. Huge Assortment of Creative Dip Powder Options

Dip powder nails can be such a fun and creative outlet. For me, it’s the stunning dip powders that inspire creativity. The dip powder companies come out with the most gorgeous glitters, flakes, and color combos.

You can’t help but want to play around with the dip powders. I think it’s easier to come up with manicure ideas when you can pair coordinating dip powders together rather than coming up with nail art ideas from scratch.

6. Dip Powder Nails Dry Fast

One of the biggest pet peeves I have with regular polish is the long dry time. There’s nothing more frustrating than bumping your nails before they are completely dry. Nail polish’s slow dry time is easier for me to deal with on my toes as opposed to my fingernails. I can usually manage not to bump my toes, but my hands - not so much.

So compared to nail polish, dip powder dries FAST. The longest part of the drying process is the dip top coat. And even the dip top coat can dry within a couple minutes depending on the brand. It’s just so satisfying knowing your nails are dry at the end of the process.

7. Dip Powder Nails Are Long Lasting

It’s no surprise how long a good dip powder manicure can last based on the durability of dip powder. When you properly prep your nails and follow the rest of the dip process correctly, you could get over 3 weeks of wear!

Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t want to change them out sooner. So many dippers end up changing their dip nails much more frequently just because they can! Either way, dip nails give you the option for extended wear if that’s what you’re going for!

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