40 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs | Dip Powder: 2021

Whether or not you’re into celebrating Valentines Day, you can’t deny how cute a good Valentine’s Day manicure can be! I just love how the all the pinks, reds, and little hearts come together. Hell, I even like a non-traditional Valentine’s Day or even an anti-Valentine’s Day mani too!

I’ve been so inspired lately by all the Valentine’s Day dip powder designs by other amateur DIY dippers. So I had to enlist the help of my fellow dip powder divas to help me find the cutest Valentine’s Day Dip Powder manicures! That wasn’t hard of course, because there are so many talented dippers.

Here’s a list of 40 Valentine’s Day themed dip powder manicures. Other products may have been used such as gel top coat, builder gel, decals, paint, etc. However they all use dip powder in some way.

Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite! 💕

1. Red Stiletto Shape & Decals

This screams Valentines Day FIERCE! Notice the festive designs are done with decals that look hearts and lips! Bonus, the long stiletto shape will protect you from any unwanted admirers.

2. Blue & Purple Conversation Hearts

These coffin shaped nails are sweet as candy! These are the perfect for anyone who loves non-traditional colors in a holiday mani.

3. Funky Hearts & Chunky Glitter

This V-Day dip powder mani is just the right amount of funky cute.

4. Pink Glitter Ombre

This pink ombre mani with chunky glitter hearts will make you fall in love! To get this look, you may have to individually place some of the glitters.

5. Sweet Conversation Hearts

These heart tips are so sweet! Props to the artist for achieving this look using dip powder products only!

6. Red Chunky Glitter

You’ll heart these traditional V-Day nails! To achieve this look, you may need to pat down the chunky glitter hearts with a plastic baggie.

7. Rose Gold

This Rose Gold mani has just the right amount of bling and simplicity! The mauve and soft pinks makes the gold glitter pop!

8. Simple Neutrals

If you’re looking for a short, sweet, and simple Valentine’s Day mani this is it! You’ll also love the perfect short coffin shape.

9. Perfectly Placed Glitter

If you like purple, then this dip mani is for you! Need to make a heart design but don’t have decals or paint? No worries, just form the shape of a heart using chunky glitter!

10. Girly Glitter

Love pink and purple together? You’ll fall in love with this chunky purple rose gold glitter look!

11. Pinks & Chunky Glitter

There’s no doubt everyone is loving the chunky glitter hearts for V-Day! This trio of colors work so well together!

12. Negative Space Heart

Your heart will skip a beat when you see this negative space dip mani with chunky glitter! The multidimensional glitter adds to the drama.

13. Craft Glitter Hearts

Love getting crafty? Turn your old craft supplies into nail art like the artist has done here!

14. Festive Flakes

Do you like festive flakes in your dip mani? These chunky flakes will make your heart go a-flitter!

15. Soft Pink Decals

If you lust for prints, then you’ll love these pink Valentine’s print dip nails! It’s a fun take on XOXO.

16. Nontraditional Green & Pink

Who knew green, pink, and gold could look so V-Day festive?

17. Glow in the Dark XOXO

Take your nail art to the next level by putting a glow in the dark dip powder underneath a decal!

18. Pink & Black

Yeah it’s Valentine’s Day, but when does pink and black not look good together? This nail art was achieved using stamping polish.

19. Pink & Gold Foil

This gold accent mani will remind you of one of the best Valentine’s Day presents - jewelry! The gold stripes were done with striping tape.

20. Soft Pink & Rose Gold

This design will make you feel like you’re sipping rose wine in the city.

21. Heartbreak Decal & Chunky Glitter

If you’ve sworn off love for good, then this is the mani for you! Show off your black heart with this broken heart decal.

22. Hand Painted Hearts

This mani will sweep you off your feet! These little hand painted hearts steal the show!

23. Animal Print

Looking for something fierce but cute? Look no further than this mani that incorporates a red heart in with the cheetah print!

24. Anti Valentine’s Day

This mani has one trend you don’t want to miss! Half a heart on two adjacent fingers makes for a good Valentine’s Day design.

25. Classy Black & Mauve

Is mauve the new pink for V-Day nails? If so, we definitely don’t mind with this mani!

26. Stamped Hearts

This mani might look all lovey at first glance, but if you look closer at the stamping art you’ll see the words “no” in the hearts.

27. Pink Heart Chunky Glitter

If pink is your favorite color, then this is the dip mani for you! You’ll fawn over these chunky glitter hearts.

28. Berry Tones

You’ll love this V-Day mani berry, berry much! It’s the perfect mani to show off while you’re eating chocolate covered strawberries.

29. Dried Flowers & Flower Decals

Roses are so Valentines Day! Bring your love of flowers to your nails with these dried flowers and rosy decals!

30. Pink Glitter Ombre & Decals

Glitter ombres look good year round. Add some pink glitter and decals, and you’ve got the cutest V-Day look!

31. Chunky Glitter Kisses

These little chunky glitter lips will have you wanting to kiss your nails! The red, purple, and angle pair so well together!

32. Bubblegum Pink & Chunky Glitter

You’ll fall head over heels for this red to pink gradient mani with chunky glitter! The perfect coffin shape will also make you swoon!

33. Red & Black

This set could be right out of a vampire movie! Sexy vampires anyone?

34. Soft Pink Foils

The pink foils over white are so delicate. It serves as the perfect transition from pink to white.

35. Perfectly Placed Hearts on Coffin Nails

This look will give you strawberries and milk vibes! And the chunky glitter hearts in the shape of the heart are cutely clever!

36. Nude Pinks

This dip mani will make you feel like you’re walking through a garden of roses! The light colors make it feel so airy.

37. Heart Made of Flowers

Looking to showcase flowers multiple ways? Look no further than this mani! The hand painted flower wreath and dried flowers will have you covered.

38. Gray, Pink, & Red

These chunky glitter silver hearts go perfectly with pink and red. The almond shape only adds to the femininity of this design.

39. Crimson Bling

Gems are perfect for Valentine’s Day - for both gifts and nail art! You’ll definitely turn heads with this blinged out mani!

40. Gnome Decals

I gnome you’ll love this V-Day mani! It’s both cute and playful!

Special shoutout to Rachel Schmitz, admin of the “Do You Even Dip? Dip Powder Tips” Facebook group, who allowed me to ask members to post their favorite DIY V-Day dip powder nail designs! It’s one of my favorite groups, as it doesn’t have any of the “petty crap” found in some other dip powder nail groups.

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