Two Color Nail Ideas | Dip Powder Nail Art | 2 Colors | 2021

Do you ever struggle with nail art design when using dip powder? If so, check out what you can do with only two colors of dip powder!

1. Glitter Stripe Fade

You already know Taylor, the owner of Ritzy Dips, is full of simple but eye catching glitter designs!

2. Color Blocking & Striping Tape

There are several ways to color block with dip powder. To see how Jessey achieved this look, check out her YouTube tutorial!

3. Alternating Fingers

One simple option for wearing two colors is to alternate fingers. With this unique glitter and bright pink, this look is anything but simple!

4. Side Glitter

This list wouldn’t be complete without dip design master Rachel, co-owner of Cascade Color Works! If you’re wondering how to do the trendy side glitter swoop, check out her YouTube video where she shows you 3 different ways!

5. Index Finger Glitter Ombre

Ombre will forever be one of the best nail art options when using dip powder! The monochromatic look is just perfect with the index finger ombre!

6. Middle Finger Ombre

This classic middle finger ombre design never disappoints!

7. Glitter & Coordinating Solid

Grab a cute glitter and coordinating solid for a simple but super cute look!

8. Chunky Glitter Accent & Decals

The way the glitter follows the curve of the gold decal is a feast for the eyes!

9. A Trail Of Groovy Glitter

The perfectly placed trail of glitter is giving us major 70s vibes!

10. Rose Tones

This set will have you feeling like you’re sipping wine in a French vineyard!

11. White & Teal

The white adds sophistication to this look and also serves as the perfect canvas for the glitter ombre.

12. Chunky Glitter & Thermal Changing Dip

If you’re trying to get as colorful as possible with only two colors, then this might be exactly what you’re looking for! This colorful chunky glitter and thermal changing dip will definitely satisfy your color craving!

13. Glitter Trail Accent

We have more glitter trail action up next, because who doesn’t love a good glitter trail?

14. Alternating Glitter Ombre

If you’re into fun glitter designs, you have to check out Ritzy Dips! Their glitters are super unique and make any design really pop!

15. Solid Color Ombre

While this look was achieved using gel, you could do it with dip powder as well!

16. Rose Gold Ombre

This rose glitter glitter ombre is the pure definition of girly glam!

17. Yes, More Ombre

Are you tired of seeing ombre designs yet? Yeah, me neither! This ombre was inspired by an awareness mani collab!

18. Wedding Ready

If you’re looking to go with low key but cute nail art for a wedding, check out this gorgeous design! Plus, it will match practically everything!

19. Side Glitter & Thumb Swirl

CNDD Ambassador Brandee is always coming up with the cutest glitter placements, just like this incredible design!

20. Striping Tape

BSD Ambassador Michelle used color coordinating striping tape to give these two colors the perfect amount of pop!

21. Classic French Glitter Ombre

Is there anything more glam than a French glitter ombre?

If you’re looking for unique dip powders to complete that next mani, visit our sister store the You Can Do Nails Boutique!