30 Must See DIY Summer Nail Designs | Dip Powder | Summer Nail Art | 2021

Fall collections might be dropping, but I’m still all about the DIY summer nails! Check out these stunning summer dip powder nail designs!

1. Summer Sunset Ombre

Ombre bright pink, orange, and yellow, and you’ve got dreamy sunset nails!

2. Chunky Glitter & Ombre

Irregularly cut glitter combined with the ombre remind me of a day spent lounging in crystal clear waters!

3. Two-Color Vertical Ombre

Summer is the perfect season to bust out all those warm tones like reds and yellows. The colors ombre’d together make a perfect fade to orange.

4. Inspo from a Candle?

Can’t decide on a nail design? Just look around….you might find inspiration in unexpected places like a candle!

5. Glitter like Sand & Sea Glass

For an easy beach vibes look, grab a glitter that mimics sand and sea glass!

6. Chunky Glitter Color Blocking

Use chunky glitter to color block in between bright colors for a fun summer look! Check out the size of those glitter pieces!

7. Color Shifting Glitter & Scrub Method Ombre

Summer sunset nails aren’t going out of style anytime soon, and this cool color shifting glitter is the perfect topper to the ombre!

8. Year of Yellow

Are you tired of yellow yet? Nope, me neither! The more I see it, the more I love it! YouTuber Jewlz created this eye-catching look using ombre and stamping nail art.

9. Chunky Glitter & Stickers

You’ll feel like you’re sipping a cocktail out of a pineapple with this mani!

10. Subscription Bag Combos

Subscription bags are still hotter than ever, and this one from Soleil Fox Dip Powders is looking FIRE on Rebekah’s nails!

11. Delicious Pink and Orange with a Touch of Chunky Glitter

You know those perfect nails you’d love to wear when you’re sipping a pink passionfruit cocktail on the beach in Hawaii? Yeah, these are those nails.

12. Abstract French Tips

French tips never go out of style. There, I said it. I just love seeing all the creative French tips! I also agree with my Risen Legacy co-ambassador Tiffany. I love that the Risen Legacy dip base dries slow enough for me to do French tips with dip!

13. Pink Chunky Glitter

What’s one color you like wearing year round? For me, it’s pink!

14. Yellow & Orange Gel Ombre

The queen of nail hacks, Marla Kris, is always playing around with new techniques. This gel ombre technique should help out those using the gel method. Check out her YT channel here.

15. Neon Chunky Glitters

I love bright neon colors in all forms, including chunky glitters!

16. White Summer Nails with a Twist

White nails have long been a summer staple. But add a colorful chunky glitter like this one from All Powdered Up and your white summer nails will be next level!

17. Cherry on Top

I’m all about the summer fruit trend! There is just something so adorable about these little cherries, especially over a classic French tip! I always love seeing Chelsea’s incredible gel art!

18. Exclusive Chunky Glitter & Stamp

I’m getting total tropical vibes with this mani! I could see myself island-hopping with these bad boys!

19. Watermelon Inspired

Watermelon inspired nails are perfect for summer in every way, and my BSD co-ambassador Tessa nailed this look! The pink and green combo is so classic (get these dips from Barbie’s Secret Dips. And if you’ve had enough with striping tape, you could try nail striping decals for easier application!

20. Chunky Glitter MADE for Ombre

Glitter ombre has to be one of the most popular types of dip nail art! Not all glitters are created equal though. Do you ever notice how some glitters seem to leave gaps in between the pieces of chunky glitters? Well you won’t have that problem with this one from West Coast Dips. There is plenty of gorgeous filler glitter!

21. C-Swoop

The C-swoop is still going strong this year! It really pops here with the color contrast.

22. Pink Ombre & Stamping

Arya is killing it again with her gorgeous designs! The stamping looks incredible over the ombre. These dips are by CN Designer Dips, one of the HOTTEST dip companies of the summer!

23. Rainbow Ombre

Cascade Color Works co-owner Lauren achieved a flawless rainbow ombre, a definite go-to design for neon rainbow colors!

24. Hand Painted Palm Trees

Hot pink nails and palm trees are about everything you could want in a summer nail design! These stunning palm trees were hand painted with acrylic paint. Sarah’s account is one of my absolute faves for inspo!

25. Dreamy Citrus

My super talented Risen Legacy co-ambassador Jessey did not only 1 but 3 incredible looks using super cute fruit and the RL Summer Splash collection! This is one of my absolutely FAVE collections of the summer!

26. Yellow & Hot Pink

If you’re looking for a fierce and bright look this summer, this could definitely be the one for you!

27. Subscription Bags & Hand Painting

Sparkle & Co. Luxe Nails has one of the most popular sub bags around! Their July 2021 bag looks too good with this gorgeous hand painted leaves!

28. Shimmery Neon Ombre

If you’re looking for something glam and bright for summer, this shimmery neon ombre could be just the look for you!

29. Matte Ombre

One of my favorite ways to play with nail stuff is by recreating other’s art. I love finding that one pic on IG and having the perfect collection or colors to try and pull it off! I’m still head over heels for this Shimmer & Shine x Marla Kris Vacay Vibes Collection!

30. Pink Shard Glitter & Thermal

The obsession with shard glitter continues. And blue and pink will always be a great color combo!