Patriotic Nail Designs | Dip Powder | Memorial Day 2021

Once again the DIY nail community has brought the heat with their creative holiday manis! I’m pleased to present these patriotic dip manis honoring the brave people who died serving this country.

1. Color Blocking

Channel your inner Wonder Woman vibes with this mani!

2. Dot Shaped Glitter

Dot shaped glitters have been super popular this year!

3. Vintage Americana

This unique look brings in army green if you’re looking for something more non-traditional.

4. White Stripe Decals & Chunky Glitter

Top red dip powder with white stripe decals for a patriotic flag-inspired mani!

5. Bomb Pop Inspired

Who remembers those delicious Bomb Pop popsicles? This set will have you craving one!

6. Foil Dip Topper

Keep it simple by layering a red, white, and blue foil dip as a topper!

7. Foil & Glitter Mix Dip

Can’t decide on foils or glitter? Then use a foil and chunky glitter mix dip such as this one!

8. Foil Dip & Stars

Get this look by using foil dip and loose star shaped glitter!

9. Chrome & Confetti Glitter

Your nails won’t miss the chance to shine at your family get together when you’re sporting this confetti glitter dip and chrome nail art!

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10. Fireworks Decals

Take your Memorial Day mani to the next level by incorporating fireworks decals!

11. Ombre & Chunky Glitter

You can never go wrong with ombre and chunky glitter, and patriotic nails are no exception!

12. Chunky Glitter Ombre

YouTuber Carole Annette is at again with her nail art. This time with a low key glitter ombre, but the look really pops with the confetti!

13. Sticker Stars

Sticker stars over nude dip? Who knew they would be so stunning!

14. Chunky Glitter & Stamping Polish

Go glam with patriotic chunky glitter and gold fireworks done with stamping polish!

15. Decals & Chunky Glitter

Decals are super popular for designs that require intricate line work like fireworks. Combine them with festive chunky glitter, and you’ve got a girly patriotic look!

16. Navy Inspired

This could be the perfect look for you if you’re looking for something navy-inspired! The blue and gold work so well together!

17. Glow Dip & Glitter Stars

You’ll be ready to watch fireworks after dark with this glow in the dark mani!

18. Flag in the Wind Design

Take your flag design to the next level by using swirls that mimic a flag blowing in the breeze!

19. Chunky Glitter & Striping Tape

If you’re looking for a sparkly patriotic design, chunky glitter and striping could be exactly what you need!

20. Blingy Chunky Glitter

I had to feature Shei twice in this post since she’s got our back with all the sweet patriotic nail designs! You can never really go wrong with a blingy chunky glitter!

21. Spider Gel

Spider gel is taking the DIY dip gel by storm! Have you tried it yet?

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